Fueled Sex Craze Also Known as Dogging Defined

Some people have heard about “dogging.” Initially, they have assumed that this has something to do with dogs. A lot of people like dogs and would like to have a few at home. This time, dogging does not refer to the actual animal. It refers to an act of sex that people have started to participate in years ago.

A lot of people are still unfamiliar with this sex term but this has started to become a fad in different countries. Some people will go to different dogging sites. They can meet people ahead of time that they will just meet on the actual day of dogging. They will also learn more about the places where dogging will take place.

Downloading Dogging Apps

Over the past years, people have started to become more high-tech. Instead of checking out dogging sites all the time, they have started to look into the apps that they can download on their smartphones. They will be sent some alerts especially when some sessions are happening near them.

Some dogging apps will also act like dating apps. They can find people who are interested in dogging that they may date for good. It can be a fun experience for a lot of people. Before it became embraced by different people though, it has come a long way.

What is Dogging?

Dogging is a type of sexual activity that is done in a semi-public place. People who attend dogging activities will have different roles. Some participate in having sex. This means that they would be inside their cars while other people, the watchers, will watch them. The watchers may sometimes be asked to join.

Remember this one important thing: watchers cannot join the couple having sex unless they are invited. If you try to engage in sex uninvited, you may be removed from the area and banned from participating in other sexual activities.

Finding the Right Dogging Hotspots

People usually have a problem looking for the right dogging hotspots. The websites where dogging information should be placed may be taken down especially if they have already been detected. It can be hard to keep track of all the changes. Dogging apps may be more reliable now. Plus, you can meet new people who are interested in dogging too. If all else fails, at least you know that there is something that you can talk about with the person.

Do Dogging Porn Videos Exist?

People consider dogging their fetish and the pandemic made it harder for them to participate. Some dogging porn videos are accessible on some porn sites. You simply need to search for them and you will get what you want.

Some people say that this craze that started in Britain also became their favourite pastime. There are just some years when the excitement down died a little. Then, there are also years when people talk about it all the time like they cannot get enough.

Some Dogging Rules You Should Know

You cannot just decide that you want to participate in dogging. You need to make sure that you are aware of the dogging rules. Just imagine if you would come across a secret dogging spot and you are not prepared. You may be asked to leave and not participate.

  • Do not participate in dogging without wearing any protection. Wearing condoms will reduce the chances of acquiring STD. you also do not want unwanted pregnancy. Dogging is supposed to be fun. It is not supposed to have life-changing consequences.
  • There may be some unsuspecting passers-by who will be in the area while you are dogging. Stop whatever you are doing because they are not supposed to see anything. This is also true when there are children around the area.
  • Do not attract attention to yourself. The last thing that you want is to be discovered by the authorities. If the dogging spot is discovered, it can be a problem for other people as well.
  • You should stay anonymous the whole time that dogging is taking place. Even if you see someone that you know in the dogging location, you should not say anything about it.
  • Do not trespass on private properties. Even if you are on public properties, you need to make sure that you will not leave any trash behind. Keep everything clean and discard all of the items that you have used during the dogging session. Most people would have some trash bags handy so that they can dispose of the trash properly.

Some people seem to forget that dogging is not considered legal in a lot of countries. Some become too excited so they park in areas wherein cars are not even allowed to be in.

The Safe Word

Dogging is supposed to be fun and exciting. Yet, it may come to a point when it is already uncomfortable. You and your partner should decide on a safe word first. This way, when you feel like things are not going on as planned, just say that safe word and all of the activities should stop.

Steering Clear of Some Dogging Areas

It is best to research the dogging spots ahead of time. Are they known to be areas where a lot of drugs may be distributed? If yes, then do not go there. Authorities may be manning the area and you might become affected even if you have no plans to take drugs. You should also steer clear from any place where prostitution may occur.

Once again, dogging will come with a lot of rules that you have to be familiar with. You cannot just engage in the act without knowing what may happen to you. If you are just watching, do not verbally touch those who are engaging in sex unless you are invited to do so. Violating this rule will result in your immediate removal from the area. You do not want to get banned in other dogging activities too.