Some Details About Dogging

The term is used to describe someone who would like to show some exhibitionism in a semi-public area. This is why a lot of dogging will happen in wide and open areas. The places may be open to the public but dogging is normally done at night to reduce the chances of traffic.

Dogging may also mean watching. Some of the people who participate in dogging do not participate in the actual activities. Rather, they would just watch those who are having sex. Some also say that dogging may refer to how dogs usually have sex which is outside people’s homes.

Etiquette of Dogging

You may be interested in dogging but you do not know what things you should do so that you will not get banned from joining. There are already some reports about people trying to join but they were turned away because they have done violations in the past.

These are just some of the rules that you should know:

Try your best
  • Always use protection. If you are a man, make sure that you are going to wear a condom. Your safety should always be your priority. You will get your fun and you will experience ecstasy but you need to make sure that you will keep yourself protected.
  • Do not continue with the act if there are some children or some passers-by. You are not supposed to be seen. This is the beauty of dogging. You should be doing the act in public but the thrill is that no one who is not participating in the session should see you.
  • Try your best to not attract attention to yourself or the area. Some people have gotten caught for indecent exposure because they were caught dogging in public. Try your best to be discreet at all times.
  • Continue to stay anonymous. Now is not the best time to meet new people to date. This is an activity where you will be allowed to have fun. It can be an adventure to try meeting and having sex with new people but not knowing their names. Remember that if you recognize other people or see people you met in public, you will not say anything about it.
  • Do not destroy public property. One of the reasons why the authorities hate dogging is people tend to destroy the areas where they are doing their dogging sessions. Remember that you are just borrowing the property. You should not do anything that can make people suspicious that something happened in the area during the night.

You should always dispose of your trash properly. A lot of people are disgusted whenever they see areas that are littered with tissue, napkins, tampons, condoms, and all the other trash that people needed to discard to participate in dogging. Most people would pass around some trash bags where you can place all of the used items. Remember that there should not be any trace that a dogging session took place in the secret area. Once you know all the rules, let's go dogging!

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